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Recent Projects Featuring Commercial Overhead Doors

We offer quality commercial overhead doors, plus we service and maintain them. Even with the most challenging applications, we can design a solution that meets your project’s requirements. Check out these recent projects featuring commercial overhead doors.

New Power Plant Building Needed Massive Opening Quickly


Plans to expand a power plant to house a new reactor called for a large, custom size commercial overhead door. The door needed to accommodate a massive opening 40 feet wide by 30 feet tall. Without the door, the building was left unsecured. Plus, the customer needed it in a short two week time frame.

The team found a manufacturer for a rolling steel door of this size and operator to accommodate it. The installation technicians complied with mandatory background checks, as well as four days of training to be onsite. The door components were inspected and allowed into the protected area. The door was installed in just three short days. For the all the details, read the full case study.

Metro Transit System Unifies Service Station Doors

insulated-sectional-steel-doors-with-insulated full vision-sections

A transit system struggled with the existing commercial overhead doors at bus service facilities across the city. Many doors were quite old. And, some were far past their life expectancy. Also, the variety of brands and styles of doors complicated maintenance work and getting parts.

A large component of the project was managing where the doors were. With most locations averaging 50 doors, the number of doors to manage actually doubled because of the existing doors plus the new ones. The team coordinated all the logistics. In addition to the insulated sectional steel doors, the transit system improved the working conditions. Also, they realized major energy savings. Read the full case study.

Overcoming Tight Installation Space for a Combination Rolling Steel Door


A food manufacturer created a new opening in an existing industrial air compressor building. They were upgrading to larger compressors and needed more space for the units. Therefore, they needed a new commercial overhead door that allowed ventilation.

The team installed a combination rolling steel service door. The door featured both a solid curtain (for use during extreme weather, as well as offering a level of security) and a perforated curtain to allow for air ventilation and pest control. One major concern in the project was the back room space. There was very little distance from the wall in which to work. The end plates were 20 inches deep, so that left only 22 inches of space for installation. Even with tight conditions, the team expertly installed the door. For the entire project scope, see the full case study.

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